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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

On the second day ...

A low start to the day, yet another visit to the dentist, this time to the hygenist. All I seem to have done lately is pay people money to inflict pain on me. Too many more sessions of being invaded by needles and other sharp instruments and I'll have to declare myself a masochist.

As levels of discomfort go, teeth cleaning scored a modest 6 compared with recent treatments - root canal treatment 9, tooth extraction 10, temporary crown fitting 8, ingrowing toenail removal 8, mammogram and breast biopsy 100+. Something I wasn't prepared for was the deluge of water from the hygenist's instruments, at one point I felt I was being waterboarded. Still, my teeth, if not pearly white, are now a shiny ivory, the stains of a thousand cups of black coffee and tea blasted away, along with most of my makeup.

The rest of the day was spent browsing the charity shops of Putney and East Sheen, dodging the rain, which held off long enough for me to enjoy a pint in the sun at a pub by the river.

Browsing clothes racks, book shelves and bric a brac is a tiring business, when I got home I fell straight to sleep . The cat, who sleeps at least 22 hours a day, thought fit to wake me up at 8pm, presumably so I would feed her. She's asleep again now whereas I'm wide awake at 1.15am, writing this and watching a signed repeat of Coast. I don't think tomorrow will be an early start.

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