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Monday, 18 July 2011

It may be winter outside .....

It's all very well holidaying in sunny climes but really, what can beat a week at home in London? There's so much going for it.

For a start, there's no need for expensive and time-consuming preparations: my wardrobe is uncluttered by garish sarongs and reinforced swimsuits, constructed to give shape to a marshmallow body; my porcelain skin is unspoiled by orange-tinted chemicals and my bikini line remains an untouched area of natural beauty.

No need either for expensive flights, my annual travelcard gets me to wherever I want to go, providing I don't venture into the exotic territories beyond Zone 3- and even if I do, I won't need to take my passport or give myself a headache trying to mentally convert euros into pounds whenever I go to buy something.

Of course the one big downside is the weather. Having said that, on my last two weeks off around Easter, the weather here was hotter than Spain. Not this week however, rain has been predicted for the entire time. Not to worry, the great outdoors can wait. Hello, the great indoors.

Took the doctor's advice and started the day with some excercise. Set my Wii Just Dance II game to 'Just Sweat' and gave it all I had - I didn't have much.
Then off to the Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House, it's free on Monday mornings. There's a good Toulouse Lautrec exhibition on at the moment, in addition to the regular French Impressionist galleries. I felt myself transported back to 19th century Paris and all but can-can'd my way down the Strand - must have been the absinthe.
Back at home, I settled down to watch The Beach. France in the morning, Thailand in the afternoon, who knows where tomorrow will take me.

To be continued ....

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